The continuum of care for today's nurses

The Nurses Lifeline track, designed specifically for nurses, includes private residential housing, comprehensive assessment with dedicated clinicians, and specific treatment and therapeutic programs. We recognize the special working environment and other life factors unique to these professionals.

Nurses Lifeline offers residential and out-patient programs, group counseling with other nurses who share this story, and individual therapy with highly qualified counselors (including experienced nurses who know the language, expectations and demands of this profession).

Livengrin is a "one stop, all services" organization. Its continuum of care includes everything a nurse will need, from intake through to post-treatment. This ensures a smooth transition between levels of care, without waiting for paperwork to catch up.

Comprehensive assessment options - You'll find:
  • Centralized intake with a dedicated phone line and website
  • Immediate assessments and detoxification for emergent cases
  • Dedicated credentialed clinicians
  • Four convenient locations for initial intake in the Philadelphia metro region
Livengrin collaborates closely with the Pennsylvania Nurses Addiction Program [PNAP] and other organizations and agencies around the country to bring nurses into treatment and ensure progress on licensing and return-to-work issues.

At the Foundation's quiet, wooded campus, the renovated Carriage House is a "safe haven" for nurses in rehab. While these patients will interact with the entire Livengrin community, in this eight-bed residence nurses can open up with others who share similar professional and personal challenges.
Detoxification – the process (as warranted with some patients) to eliminate toxic substances in the body, across three to five days, with ongoing assessment, counseling, 24-hour medical care and medication management.

Residential Rehab - Patients benefit from separate residential housing and activities; a specialized clinician provides group and individual counseling designed solely for nurses. Clinical staff with a range of specialties are involved in the educational modules designed solely for nursing professionals:
  • Neurobiology of addiction
  • Case history discussions and Trauma Group
  • Defining and measuring recovery; lifestyle planning & monitoring
  • Self-esteem and healthy relationships; spiritual development in caregivers
  • Formulation of a comprehensive relapse plan
  • Interpersonal communication skills and workplace stress management
  • Utilizing professional support groups
  • Codependency and family systems
Outpatient Program - Of course, treatment and recovery doesn't stop after the initial rehab phase any more than another patient's care would discontinue after surgery.
  • Intensive Outpatient - As nurses leave the residential facility, structured support is offered with group therapy, individual counseling (with the support of a healthcare professional therapist) and ongoing education. Specific treatment goals are established, focused on a patient's successful return to practice. Groups are conducted three times per week; case management assists the coordination of employers, EAPs, and monitoring agencies.
  • General Outpatient - It's crucial to sustain recovery with weekly support groups and individual therapy with clinicians who work exclusively with healthcare professionals. The ongoing support of peers is an effective element of the nurses program and a key part of continued recovery.
These Nurses Lifeline services are available throughout the day and week, across all of Livengrin Foundation's six convenient (and discrete) Counseling Centers in Montgomery, Delaware, Bucks, Lehigh and Philadelphia Counties.

Return-to-work services & ongoing support
With early intervention, nurses can return to work with a "clean record," licenses intact. This is where careful planning and an active support network become invaluable.

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