15 percent of our country's nurses will need drug and alcohol addiction treatment and that is the reality.

15% of our country's nurses will need drug and alcohol treatment - that's the reality*

Addiction strikes regardless of age, sex, economic circumstance or cultural background, genetic history or environment. Yet, society expects nurses (and other healthcare professionals, such as pharmacists) to be somehow immune - to understand the disease of addiction, recognize it in others, and find treatment for their patients.

But they're also "only human," and that means they're vulnerable and complex.

Coming to an addiction treatment center (or bringing in a loved one) is a lot like going to the hospital. You know help is needed, but exactly what will be done and how will it feel? At Livengrin you will find a safe, secure, professional organization that helps people attain better health, without judgment.

Our campus is a good place to get away from the outside influences that bring on a person's craving for drinking or drugs. You'll find knowledgeable contact staff who specialize in healthcare professionals and a highly trained therapeutic team in this nurses' rehab program.

With our continuum of care, we can provide help to a patient regardless of the point at which they enter treatment.  That also means the patient's transition to other phases of treatment is smoother, without having to change providers.

The initial Nurses Lifeline "intake" starts with a confidential phone call. A Nurses Lifeline coordinator will speak with (and, as appropriate, bring in) the patient and handle introductions to counselors and medical staff.

With a comprehensive clinical assessment, we can direct the patient to the best type and length of treatment. Together we can determine that Livengrin is the appropriate facility for you, and how to shape an individualized therapeutic plan that is a crucial tool for success.

We may advise that you initially stay in our residential program at the main campus in Bensalem.
We may recommend an outpatient program, for nurses who are able to carry on with their daily work and home life during treatment.

Recovery from addiction, a difficult goal to accomplish, is a life-long process. A person isn't "fixed" when they leave the Nurses Lifeline program. Rather, they're given a healthier body & the tools for living, a new outlook on who they are as human beings, so that they can begin a renewed life free of chemical dependency.

We know that by reaching out (and being receptive) to Nurses Lifeline, by making the choice for treatment and recovery, you're on the right path to renewal - physically, emotionally, economically, spiritually.

* National Council on State Boards of Nursing