Financial Assistance

Clark Loans
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There are financial-assistance companies in the marketplace that offer plans covering addiction treatment. We have examined the offerings of several and (while not "recommending" any firm in particular) makes one of the major companies available here for consumer research and inquiries.

Loans can cover treatment and other costs, perhaps even transportation to and from the program. Some firms feature multiple loan products with competitive rates, and a possible deferral of interest for a period with no prepayment penalties or cancellation fees.

The loan qualification and application process can be confusing, so consumers should study financial companies and ask questions. A good company works with many families and individuals each day, guiding them through the loan process. For those who initially don't qualify for a loan, the company should advise you in ways to qualify, including adding a co-signer or considering credit repair. Look for competitive interest rates, quick credit decisions, affordable payments and complete confidentiality, among other benefits to consumers.

Often they are in agreement with our assessment of a patient, sometimes not. We can appeal their decision, and fight for what we think you need, but the final say regarding payment is up to them. Read more about insurance law in Pennsylvania.